Overweight Queen

Weight Loss Rhapsody: Navigating the Endless Dieting Dilemma

I’m sure you are familiar with the classic Queen anthem from the 1970s – ♪ Bohemian Rhapsody ♪ … Just for a laugh and to maybe make you stop and think for a moment, I have adapted the lyrics to Weight Loss Rhapsody!.  I challenge you not to sing it to that oh-so-familiar tune as you read it. Then let me know your thoughts below ♪

Weight Loss Rhapsody

♪ Is this the real life? Is this just a diet?

Caught in a cycle, no escape from trying it

Open your eyes, look at the scale and see

I’m just a poor soul, no sympathy for me ♪

Because it’s easy gain, easy lose, feeling high, feeling low

Any way the trend goes, doesn’t really matter to me, to me

Mama, just tried a new plan Pulled out all the stops, now it’s just a sham

♪Mamma, thought it’d make me thin But now I’ve seen, it’s just a load of spin

Mamma, ooh, didn’t mean to let you down If I’m not smaller this time tomorrow

Carry on, carry on, as if calories don’t matter to me ♪

Too late, the weight has won

Sends shivers down my spine, body’s aching all the time

Goodbye, healthy eating, I’ve got to binge ♪

Gotta leave the salads behind and face the fridge

Mamma, ooh (any way the scale goes) I don’t want to fail

♪ I sometimes wish I’d never stepped on the scale at all

I see a little silhouette of myself

Trying keto, paleo, willpower like Jello ♪

Late-night cravings, very, very frightening me

(Carbs a lot) Carbs a lot, (Carbs a lot) Carbs a lot, Carbs a lot, please let me go

But I’m just a poor soul, no self-control for me

He’s just a poor soul, caught in obesity

♪ Spare me my fries from this monstrosity

Easy gain, easy lose, will you set me free?

In the name of health No, we will not let you go (let him go)

In the name of health We will not let you go (let him go)

In the name of health We will not let you go (let me go) Will not let you go (let me go) ♪

Never, never, never, never let me go No, no, no, no, no, no, no

Oh, mamma mia, Mamma mia Mamma mia, let me lose

Fitbit buzzes, there’s a workout planned for me, for me, for me

 ♪So you think you can binge eat and sabotage your size?

So you think you can snack on and watch your health die?

Oh, darling, can’t do this to me, darling

Just gotta get fit, just gotta get back on track

Nothing really matters, anyone can see

Nothing really matters Nothing really matters to me ♪

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